Wednesday, January 13, 2021

MISSING BOW n' BOY - KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus (Lyrics)


Gonna have a good time, take it slow dear.
My sleep was like a revenge and had a dream of vain effort,
Oh, fine I wake up finally.
Let's get out of here, fin of the story is still far.
Never say goodbye, never stick to this plot of failing story which I wrote then
Someday, someone will pick me up and hands me my share, I needed I want it.
This song is the prayer very your way.
your grace, your faith.
This fear for world prove that your on.
Baby sometime I counted bunch of tablet.
Baby I wonder what the hell what was tomorrow means.
Go ahead count me out, I just want to leave here now, now, now, oh year.
Everything is lunch out now.
On the other side of invisible digital wire, sometime your
stretch your arms never reach nowhere.
Overdose or throw them all, those such a vicious circle. And you feel like an extra
actor never ever been shown.
But it's alright if your last day is tomorrow.
Take your time, it's your life now,
Now you a a a a live.
Buddy, honey good night, sure I'll wake up tomorrow yeah.
Never mind it'll shine or downpour.
Buddy, honey good night, I've got wake up tomorrow hey and I'll find my bow dip
in my soul.
Never know when last time, blow away your lost days man.
Gonna have a good time, take it slow dear.
Oh, my deal is never say good bye, never wave bye bye, never say goodbye,
bye bye? no no no...
Missing boy is in my soul.
Yes he is somewhere deep in my soul.


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